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SMUK retreat - let your beauty shine!

Intense Beauty and Strength - Inside & Out!


Give your body well-deserved rest and rest & receive daily wellness treatments and natural facelifts in the form of massage, Japanese lifting and cosmetic acupuncture!

We will start the day with two hours of yoga & meditation as well as healthy juices & shots.

Then the day is your own and you can relax by the pool, steam in the sauna, go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, or go down to the very picturesque little Portuguese town located just one kilometer from our Quinta (wine farm). If you feel like more pulse & shopping, it is only 6 km to Portimao (Algarve's largest city).

You will receive daily facials - cosmetic acupuncture, facial massage, diamond grinding, algae masks or the like. You will quickly see that your skin gets more glow, gets tighter & that your wrinkles are reduced.

A Japanese lifting treatments, known as "the natural facelift", are also included in your week. Your skin will love it - you will have renewed vitality and your skin will both look & feel younger.

Two body massages are also part of this fantastic week, and your body will be de-stressed, relaxed & as reborn after a knowledgeable treatment by some of Portugal's best masseurs.

We visit one of Portugal's thermal springs, where you will enjoy the well-being of bathing in this healing and life-giving water. Before we go home, we also fill our bottles with water from the source so we can also drink vitality & health!

A week filled with well-being, health & BEAUTY!

The south coast of Portugal - the unique Algarve is the setting for this self-pampering & beauty retreat. We live in private luxury villa  on e beautiful and tranquil-filled vineyard. The villa has its own pool & sauna and we have access to private tennis court

The winery we live at produces one of Portugal's best wines, and we will be shown around the farm, learn a little about wine production and be allowed to taste the local wine.

If you feel like a little more pulse during the week, Portimao - the Algarve's largest city, is just 10 minutes away.

Come and let us pamper you. Come and let us remove the fatigue, tightness and some of the years from your face. Come and rediscover your inner energy.

BEAUTIFUL will be held in the Algarve, Portugal on 21-28 May 2022

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Double room in luxury villa, 7 nights

2 hours of yoga & meditation every day

Organic juicing


1 facial

1 Japanese lifting - natural facelift

2 full body massages

Spa in thermal springs - exclusive transport

Visits to local market

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