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Sri Lanka Escape - Magical life-detox & Paradise vacation.

Peace, Presence & Life Purpose

You will enjoy being able to surrender to your own process and to Sri Lanka - Its rich cultural treasures, Buddhist and Hindu culture, dramatic history, adventurous white beaches, and lush landscape, with majestic mountains and endless green tea plantations. Sri Lanka is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

We have also on this Life Journey to Sri Lanka, gathered a network of highly trained, experienced and pioneering health practitioners - a Mindfulness and Yoga expert, a Personal Life Coach, two Ayurvedic doctors, two wellness therapists and two Ayurvedic chefs. We are an integrated team, with full focus on both strengthening your inner peace, crucial vitality, mental clarity and strength - your entire quality of life.

This strong foundation is the foundation to guide you in both experiencing, - and most importantly, the skill of performing, your desires regarding the important changes, for you, right now and in the future - in your life._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Thereby you make a decisive difference in ours too!

Your personal purpose & goals with your  LivsRetreat can be: Enhanced vitality, mental clarity, smoking cessation, dietary changes, mental blockages to meet goals, self-esteem, insight into personal strengths etc. _cc781905-5b3-3194 -136bad5cf58d_

Mind, Brain, Body & Soulfood - week 1

Surrounded by the mighty blue Indian Ocean, dIn occupies the first week in Sri Lanka in liquid form. From the wonderful Biodynamic Vegetable and Fruit Juices, cleansing and healing tea traditions, ayurveda revitalizing herbal shots and life elixirs, invigorating vegetable soups to oil and flower baths, body therapy and herbal steam baths.

You spend the week detoxing & landing purely mentally - physically and mentally grounding.

You will, in conjunction with your detoxing, become familiar with several meditation methods to dive deeper into your own mind, without the usual mental blockages. You discover and thereby understand why you are "geared" to have exactly the relationship to yourself you have - and why & how you are "geared" to your daily interactions in your relationships.

Self-awareness is accompanied by real desire for change, personal integrity and strength for change.

You will also be taught Mindful Eating & Nutrition Understanding from micro to macro level.

What can this Life retreat do for you in week 1?


Here's just a small excerpt of what your lifestyle retreat & lifestyle change can help you with via week 1. - Detoxing:

* stress

* sleep problems

* fatigue & headaches

* recurrent inflammation

* allergies and rashes

* fertility

* pain in joints, bones and muscles

* autoimmune diseases

* Anxiety, depression and depression

* hormonal imbalances

* digestive problems and weight problems

* weakened immune system

* urinary tract problems

* circulatory problems

* skin problems

Week 2: What Stresses / Inhibits And Challenges You In Life? - Why? And how?

In week 2 we move up to the beautiful heights of the Mantana mountains and continue here to add vitamins and energy to our bodies - physically as well as mentally.

ed a personal retreat is often recognized that there is something we want to change…

In week 2, we take a closer look at you as a person - what do you want changed and / or strengthened in your life? Both outer and inner. As well as how to take the first, or next steps out into this life. You will experience enhanced self-insight and receive professional guidance in both personal strategy & methods. In week 2 of your Life Retreat, you get personal life coaching and mentoring as well as good insight into how to maintain your newly sown seeds, which is the foundation of your new lifestyle, ESPECIALLY when you come home to everyday life again.

Mentally, we will first understand whether and how we want something more, something different and better with our lives & how  we treat our bodies and minds with reason and love.

Our Life Detox Retreat will send you home, with stronger health, and a deeply felt experience of inner peace, mental strength and mental clarity, over your own journey and direction forward in life.

Both your physical, mental, emotional, emotional and spiritual well-being will be integrated and strengthened.

Your stay in Sri Lanka will play a significant and crucial part in your life in the future, and continue to strengthen your experience of yourself - and life!


Ayurveda is a word derived from Sanskrit. Ayur means life and veda means science and knowledge. The term “ayurveda” therefore means the science & knowledge of life.

Ayurveda is a traditional system of science and healing from India and Sri Lanka. Science was founded more than 5000 years ago.
Ayurveda restores balance, strength and life energy in body and mind through treatments, diet, yoga, meditation and cleansing. It focuses on - and supports our self-healing abilities, via the  integrated health of the mind, body and psyche collectively.


Start each day with a mild Qigong and yoga lesson overlooking the ocean the first week, and over the endless green mountains week 2.

If you want a more intense yoga lesson, just book our afternoon class with restorative Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

During the two weeks you will have integrated a personal yoga flow - for your continued training at home.



Create clarity in the mind and connect with the heart.

Breathing exercises and meditation are an important part of any healing process.

During the retreat you will learn to practice different forms of meditation, of course also Mindfulness meditation. Hereby you discover in which form of meditation you best "land" in your essence.



Enjoy the first week of 2 hours of personalized, relaxing, cleansing and revitalizing Ayuverdean body therapy. In Week 2 you will receive a daily beauty and wellness treatment.



Adventurous Excursions - Volunteers…


  • Sea turtles, playful dolphins and whales in the beautiful Indian Ocean.

  • Be captivated by the charming architecture and expression of colonial times in Columbo.

  • Join us for Sri Lanka's cultural triangle and experience the 4 meter Buddha, carved into a rock cave, as well as a magnificent royal castle with garden and swimming pools built 50 years after the birth of Christ, on top of a high mountain.

  • At Lion's Rock you will experience the almost 200 m high cliff Sigiryia, where a king 1500 years ago had his fort and palace.

  • The nature safari in Yala National Park with Sri Lanka's many wildlife species is unforgettable.

  • The visit to the elephant orphanage, with baby elephants Pinnawela Elephant, rightly softens your heart.

  • The gem city Ratnapura is beyond this world.

  • Experience the buzz of history when visiting the authentic port city of Galle, with the old Dutch fort.


Price: DKK 19,900 - Minus Fly & Transfer

Next trip: 5 - 19 November 2022


The unique, rustic Maunt Royal Resort where we live week 2.

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