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Mindful juicing retreat on beautiful Lesbos!


Mindful juicing holiday in Greece 16-23. May 2020

Sense, feel and live more in your life! Join us for picturesque beautiful Lesbos, and become an even better version of yourself. Give yourself a unique week of self-care and reflection, and get an energy boost that can be felt.

Feel yourself completely without a filter, give your mind a well-deserved break, and pamper your body with cleansing and energy-giving juices.

We work with breathing, we train presence, we meditate and we walk in the beautiful nature. Through mindfulness and organic vegetable juicing you will be cleansed and built. You will learn to take care of yourself and after this week you will experience more inner peace and well-being.

The days will offer morning meditation and healthy juices and shots as well as teaching mindfulness & juicing, including the impact of the various vegetables & fruits on your body.












Our location on the beautiful island of Lesbos in Greece, where the sun, the heat, the sea, the beach, the hospitable locals and an incredibly beautiful landscape welcome us to a week in the sign of presence and cleansing.

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The form of teaching:

We meet every morning and afternoon for juicing and mindfulness teaching.

The rest of the time is at your own disposal, and the trip is therefore organized so that our guests themselves manage the balance between the need for socialization and alone time. The trip is structured so that a travel partner can use the time in which you cultivate mindfulness for, for example, cycling, hiking, diving and the like. We have good contacts locally and are very happy to help with planning this. In this way you can go in depth with different interests and at the same time have lots of common holiday time.


In the course, we train mindfulness techniques that provide calm and balance, greater body awareness, increased focus and the opportunity to break with habitual automatic thoughts and reaction patterns.

The teaching consists of mindfulness theory and practice in presence training in the form of meditations and breathing techniques.

Mindfulness is related to both body and mind and therefore physical movement and reflection are integrated into the program. Mindfulness is woven into different activities: we mindfully walk through the mountains, we mindfully drink our juices, we meditate in the most beautiful places and we have meaningful reflections and dialogues by the beach and water.


We start each day with a healthy shot and a vitamin-rich juice. The juices will primarily be vegetable juices, as vegetables are filled to the brim with the healthiest building blocks for your body - vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc. Each vegetable also has its own special property - they can strengthen the immune system, clean the blood vessels of calcium, work anti-inflammatory, help with digestion really much more.

By the way, did you know that there are more than 180,000 plants in the world, but most people eat only 12 different kinds of vegetables?

You will learn more about this, and about superfood & juicing and the impact of the various vegetables and fruits on your body - including your energy, your clarity, your physique, your well-being. We do not juice to become slim - we juice to become strong!

Practical information:

Teaching hours: 8.30-11: 30 / 17-19: 00

You will have time alone in the afternoon and in the evening there is the offer of communal dining. Monday is a day of rest without teaching.

We will Juice both morning and morning, as well as recommend a green lunch. However, there will be no definite restrictions on this trip around diet, smoke or alcohol.


The level is for everyone, experienced and unexperienced in both mindfulness and juicing.

Where do we live:

City :

A trip to Molivos (Mithymna) is a trip to the real Greece and the city is often described as a little corner of Paradise. Molivos is an idyllic medieval town with narrow cobbled streets, an atmospheric harbor and stunning architecture with charming stone houses. Here you will find many small shops, bars and taverns, where you eat well for almost no money, and the town oozes hospitality and genuine hospitality from the locals.


The hotel:

We live 5 minutes walk from the beach at the family-run guest house, "Schoolmistress with the Golden Eyes", - named after the famous Greek author Stratis Myrivilis' mistress. Situated on top of Mithymna's cobbled street, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Molivos and the harbor from your balcony. You are also close to Mithymna's vibrant market.



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The price includes:

  • Shared double room at the guest house, "Schoolmistress with the golden eyes"

  • Teaching mindfulness, yoga & juicing.

  • Beautiful, cleansing & energizing shots and juices every morning and morning.

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