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Welcome to LifeTravel @ Travel for Life

We arrange life trips & wonderful retreats for you who want to go out and experience the world, you who need a break from everyday life or need to recharge, you who want to strengthen your body & your mind, detox and de- stress.

We also arrange retreats for you who have lifestyle diseases and need to balance your body. Stress, chronic pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes etc, can all be reduced with the right diet and moderate exercise.

Yoga, meditation & juicing is a powerful combination that creates great, and lasting, changes in your body.

We help you change your diet and eat healthier, as well as give you tools to sustain the change when you get home.

We create unique experiences and memories, as well as challenge & develop set patterns, provide insight, boost your inner and outer, balance & give renewed energy. Beautiful, strong, life-affirming journeys that focus on your personal development & inner journey with yourself.

Choose a de-stressing and balancing yoga & mindfulness retreat in combination with cleansing juicing & detox. Your body & organs are cleansed and boosted with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids - all the building blocks you need in a healthy, balanced, fresh and painless life.

Our Retreats will develop and renew both your body, your mind and your life.

We have our Portugal retreats as a permanent base, in addition to holding retreats in a lot of lovely parts of the world - different locations every year, so keep an eye on our calendar. All with the aim of strengthening both your body and your mind so that you can be the best version of yourself and get everything you want out of life.


We look forward to wonderful, life-affirming journeys with you!

Kristina, Stockholm, Sverige

"Et fantastisk retreat i Portugal. Den smukkeste villa & pool, de skønneste mennesker. Dejlige udflugter og fantastisk viden fra Ewa om juicing og om hvilken mad der er god eller dårlig for netop mig.
Uendeligt taknemmelig!"

Dorthe, København, Danmark

"Dette retreat har ændret min tilgang til mad og lært mig hvordan jeg passer på min krop. Jeg føler mig let og energisk. At jeg så også har tabt mig 3,5 kilo på en uge, gør det jo bare endnu bedre."

Catherine, Dublin, Ireland

"I signed up for this retreat due to having an underactive thyroid and gaining weight, During this week Ewa gave me all the knowledge I needed to stay healthy and balance my body. At the last check up at my doctors, she said "what ever have been doing for the last weeks, keep on doing it."
Life journeys

Saltvaerksvej 209A, 1 floor

2770 Kastrup

Phone: +45 31 70 20 90



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